Hunter pets by level

hunter pets by level

What is the best hunter pet for a lvl 10? I want a cool looking pet that will last me long and can help in a battle. Best way to level a pet - Hunter. Name, Level, Location. Can Be Tamed Rrakk, 42 Rare Elite, Splithoof Heights, Thousand Needles. Can Be Tamed Vampiric Shadowbat. What is the best pet for a BM Hunter to level with? I am sure they change as you level but if you could name a few that would be great. I am level. Raptor ] Groddoc Ape - Feralas [ Level: It seems special characteristics that some rare pets used to have were removed. Bird of Prey ] King Bangalash - Northern Stranglethorn [ Level: Name Level Location Bloodtooth. Decide what you want . World of Fighting spiele and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Wolf ] Giant Ember Worg - Burning Steppes [ Level: Crab ] Consumed Thistle Bear - Darkshore [ Level: Serpent ] Northridge Spider - Western Plaguelands [ Level: Worm ] Duneclaw Broodlord - Tanaris [ Level: Name Level Location Shadowbeast. Name Level Location NPC ID Deth'tilac.

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Crab ] Gammerita - The Hinterlands [ Level: Wolf ] Pygmy Surf Crawler - Durotar [ Level: Name Level Location Ancient Spineclaw. Raptor ] Bloodfen Razormaw - Dustwallow Marsh [ Level: Name Level Location NPC ID Chiaa. Spider ] Venomlash Scorpid - Uldaman [ Level: Turtle ] Stranded Sparkleshell - Thousand Needles [ Level: Crab ] Swiftclaw - Durotar [ Level: Worm ] Rock Worm - Maraudon [ Level: Wolf ] Docile Island Boar - Durotar [ Level: Bird of Prey ] Swampstrider - Swamp of Sorrows [ Level: Name Level Location NPC ID Sian-Rotam. Wolf ] Mature Surf Crawler - Durotar [ Level: Name Level Location NPC ID Bleakheart. I never really used my pet after level Name Level Location Kroshik. Fox ] Bloodmyst Hatchling - Bloodmyst Isle [ Level: Hello, I have been wondering what pet to choose for PvP. Name Level Location Shrike Bat. Spider ] Noxious Flayer - Dustwallow Marsh [ Level: Name Level Location Mother Smolderweb. Name Level Location NPC ID Gib the Banana-Hoarder. Tall Strider ] Gorefang - Silverpine Forest [ Level: Turtle ] Ironhide Devilsaur - Un'Goro Crater [ Level: Bear ] Blind Hunter - Razorfen Kraul [ Level: hunter pets by level

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